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By Jasmeet Duggal
Save the Date – Innovator Idol III is Happening June 15th, 2011

This week’s blog series will be highlighting all things Idol, including the finalists, members of the expert panel, and the list of prizes to be awarded to the Star Innovator.

 RIC Centre is ending this season’s Growing Your Business with its grand finale, Innovator Idol III taking place on June 15th, 2011 from 8:30AM-11:00AM at the Noel Ryan Auditorium (301 Burnhamthorpe Rd. W., Mississauga).

Idol is a showcase of innovative companies that will pitch for a chance to win $40,000 in prizes. The audience will have an opportunity to hear the high-profile panel of judges weighs in with their expert opinions. The final say will be the audience as they will take part in a live polling to select this year’s Innovator Idol III Winner.

First place winner of Innovator Idol II, Temporal Power, is the developer of a breakthrough technology that solves the challenge of accommodating the variability of renewable power generation onto the electrical grid system.

“Innovator Idol provided us with a great opportunity to introduce Temporal Power to an array of different people. There were a lot of investors, entrepreneurs and overall knowledge in the room that we could gain from,” said Cam Carver, CEO of Temporal Power and the first-place winner of Innovator Idol.

Registration for the third annual Innovator Idol is now open. Seating is limited! Register today.

The RIC blog is designed as a showcase for entrepreneurs and innovation. Our guest bloggers pro vide a wealth of information based on their personal experiences. Visit RIC Centre for more information on how RIC can accelerate your ideas to market.

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By Reem Aziz

In the final installment of the Keep Growing Your Business Breakfast Session, the RIC Centre and OCETA present the much anticipated Innovator Idol 2! The event will take place on June 16th at the Novotel Hotel in Mississauga from 7:30 – 10:00.

Four emerging companies have been carefully screened and selected to present their pitch to an audience of angel investors and a panel of expert judges. The four lucky companies, who can win $43,000 in prizes are:

Bio-Organic Catalyst Canada

Bio-Organics Catalyst Canada (BOCC) is pioneering organic waste processing improvements through the development of liquid organic catalysts that transform unwanted molecular elements of organic waste into inert gas, increase oxidation within waste treatment processes and accelerate biomass decomposition within Anaerobic Digestion. BOCC’s unique opportunity is to connect leading scientific expertise with a patented breakthrough catalytic technology.

Temporal Power

Temporal Power has developed a proprietary flywheel energy storage system (FES) that can be used to hold energy for over 8 hour time periods or deliver high amounts of power over a short period of time. FES is a clean technology that has no direct emissions and contains no toxic components.

Dx2 Technologies

Dx2EcoSuite is a smart energy technology developed by Dx2 for cost-effectively managing energy consumption through automated and wireless means. Communication to end-devices or smart products is done through serial, Ethernet or wireless connection and provides consumers with a consolidated view of their energy consumption by interfacing with energy subsystems in a building.

Satlogix Inc.

Satlogix Inc. presents MILO, an automated vehicle tracking solution that uses GPS technology to generate a business travel log. Milo keeps track of a driver’s work schedule so it only tracks trips during business hours – this eliminates the guess work and manual labour involved in keeping a vehicle log.

This event will provide investors with the opportunity to listen and compare potential investment opportunities with new and emerging companies. Register here. For questions or for more information contact Shantanu Mittal at shantanu@riccentre.com

Reem Aziz is a University of Toronto student in the Digital Enterprise Management Specialist stream of the Communications, Culture and Information Technology program. She is currently a Writing and Communications intern at the RIC Centre where she is putting her academic knowledge to the test. She has an interest in marketing and event planning and has background experience in creating posters, banners and web ads.

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