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The most important factor in the success of a business with proven concept is the strength of the leadership team.  Good leadership is a critical item on the checklist for potential funders including banks, government programs, angels and venture capitalists.

But what is a good leader and how do you improve to become a better one?  This was the subject of the RIC Centre’s Growing Your Business Session on Creative Leadership, Feb 17th.

“We must develop and nurture the leaders who will create the right products and services for tomorrow’s marketplace,” says Larry Chester, Process Design Consultants. “We are a wealthy country, but our population is aging and this is happening as our economy globalizes and we must compete in world-wide markets.”  Larry is a partner at Process Design Consultants Inc., and offers support to business for strategic and operational decision-making, change management and project management.

Leaders set the tone and direction of a company. “A good leader must be able to communicate a common purpose, shared passion and collective power,” says Max Carbone, Team Works.  Max is an entrepreneurial strategic planning advisor, private investor, director and visionary. He helps leaders build plans, teams and drive business results.

“A leader must be able to dream, and plan where the company needs to go next.  The challenge with start-ups is that leaders are often the dreamers and the doers.  It’s a difficult balance but not impossible.”

Paul Wickberg, CEO of EnviroTower Inc. shared his challenges and successes from more than 20 years of business leadership and senior management.    Key tips from Paul are:

  • Be a “doer” in what you do best and set the standard in that discipline
  • Find one or two “Stars”
  • Plan conservatively, create winning scenarios
  • Transparency is always the best practice
  • Teach and practice relationship building – it’s a dying art
  • “Customer Focus First”
    • Share company goals openly with everyone
    • Communicate how your team’s goals contribute
    • Insist on process in every project or discipline
    • Your reports’ goals should be supported by their staffs’ goals
    • Every employee earns incentive from the same metrics

“Success in business is not complex; it’s about getting the basics of purpose aligned with clear vision of outcomes.  Relationship building is a dying art, but relationships with our customer and employees are critical to business success.  Everything we do is about customer and your employees need to share that vision,” said Wickburg.  EnviroTower provides a patented water treatment system for clean cooling.

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The next Growing Your Business session is scheduled for Wednesday, March 10th on Intellectual Property.  For more information visit the RIC website at www.riccentre.com

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